Become an Unstoppable CEO

Are you ready to get out of your own way, rewrite your BS stories around your abilities, ideas, and worth, reconnect with your true desires, and gain the confidence and clarity that translates to success, sales, and profit?

  • Realize your value, and the value of your offers and creations

  • Release doubts and fears that you aren't good enough to succeed

  • Relieve yourself from anxiety and panic about making your business work

Results like these happen when you shift your mindset surrounding how you show up for yourself and your business.

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One of my clients saved $4,000 in her business by working with me for 20-minutes.

A room full of badass women- all CEOs, said they hadn’t learned the tips I'm sharing in my programs in hundreds of presentations over many years of professional development.

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Another one of my clients said with my guidance, she was able to get out of her cycles of self-sabotage, recognize the business values of her hidden talents and gifts, and start working towards creating next-level success in her business.


And another client was able to get unstuck in her beliefs about her own worth, and break down and rewrite her limiting stories so that she showed up daily to take aligned, massive action on her business consistently to grow it at lightning speed.

Are you ready to build your 6-figure mindset and grow your profitable empire?

I went from living a mediocre life, married to an abuser, being a high school art teacher (and laid off every June), full of BS “‘stories” and beliefs’ about how life always brought me down and I was never going to be good enough, smart enough, successful enough, or worthy enough to have exactly what I wanted out of life.


At the time, my “failing” business had:


  • A private group of 3000+ women who NEVER took out their credit cards to buy anything

  • 7 YEARS of weekly YouTube videos that didn’t translate into sales

  • Tons of ideas but too much “comparisonitis” so I never brought them to life

  • Lack of confidence in my OWN desires, as I struggled to fulfill everyone else’s in my life

  • Written a book that was sold in Michaels, Barnes + Noble, and more- but again, didn’t translate into sales


When I finally figured out that my real issues were a lack of clarity about my skills and talents not understanding how to leverage my passions to make money, and that my lack of belief in my own worthiness constantly led to self-sabotage and settling for less than I deserved, everything changed. It happened so fast my head spun! I ended the marriage, moved to a new city, quit my job, and embraced my business full-time.


My life changed from mediocre and unfulfilling to feeling like I’m now on a wild and free joyride. I am creating a life where I am on-fire. I built a multiple 6-figure empire, created a healthy relationship with a new partner, hired a beautiful team that supported my growing business, created multiple streams of income that have me financially secure for life, and built an official headquarters office to operate my businesses from! It happened FAST - once I committed to my dreams.


In my company, my business partner and I now have:


  • A very active and supportive Facebook group of 18K+ members

  • 11K+ Instagram followers that translate directly into sales

  • 2+ million monthly Pinterest views 

  • $40K+ in monthly online retail sales across multiple platforms

  • $15K+ in monthly recurring revenue

  • Top 1% Etsy seller status

  • A creative “compound” in Florida to house our manufacturing equipment and staff

  • 5 employees work to create and ship our made-in-the-USA products

  • And online team of women who support our design and social tasks

  • A monthly magazine that is read all over the world

  • A monthly subscription box that brings joy to crafters everywhere

  • And we invent, innovate, and bring to market new products on a continuing basis


Hi, I'm Kira

I’m a Mindset and Embodiment Coach for creative entrepreneurs who struggle to believe in themselves and their ideas, and secretly worry they will fail at sustaining a profitable business. 

Let's slay your inner self-sabotaging demons, shift your thoughts toward massive abundance, and leverage your unique story and skills so you stop feeling stuck and unworthy of the life you desire and confidently take inspired actions to create, market, and sell your offers.


I specialize in working with women who know that their negative mindset, excuses, and stories keep them from going all-in on their dreams.

Professional Educator + Author

Certified Life Coach + Meditation Teacher + NLP Practitioner

Artist + Multiple 6 figure business owner


No one is coming to save you.

Learn to save yourself.

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Within only days of working together, my clients have been able to…: 


  • Finally know and feel that they are worthy of the success they crave and go on to commit to their ideas and bring their business to life

  • Embrace their OWN desires (not what society, their family, and their peers say they are capable of) and act on them with full belief, rather than live their life from a place of familial or societal “obligation” or “duty.”

  • See possibilities all around them and drop any feelings of constraint or doubt causing them to hold back, not go “all-in,” or let their mindset get in the way of their dream income.

  • Drop excuses getting in the way of their success, like “I don’t know how,” “I don’t have time,” “It’s too complicated,” or “I’m not good enough to do that,” allowing them to learn the skills, find the time, and create systems that work for them

  • Drop feelings of panic, anxiety, and overwhelm surrounding the next steps in their business so that they can embrace immediate aligned and inspired actions that make them more money.

  • Feel 100% confident in the monetary and time investments they are making to support their business, plus the creative choices and aligned direction they are going in to build their empire.

  • Re-invigorate themselves by knowing that their work and business changes the world when they feel themselves slipping back move into self-doubt so that they re-align with their “why” for starting their business and are able to stay committed to the consistency, action steps, and inner work required to build a wildly profitable company from scratch.

Don't take my word for it...

What they're saying:

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I've always felt burning passions and known of my capabilities, however I'd find myself in seemingly unbreakable cycles of self-sabotage. I know I can achieve whatever I put my mind to but something was missing. Kira's guidance helped me bridge that gap and help me realize things I've always know about my worth & values. I'd recommend working with her to any woman whose ready to get to the next level in whatever your heart desires.

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I absolutely love working with Kira and plan to continue working with her in the future. She had this ability to change the way I was seeing stories I was struggling with and stuck in with guided questions that completely changed things. Working on my life stories no longer seemed overwhelming and made it so much easier to break them down and rewrite them.

Join me inside The Unstoppable CEO, my 6 week 1:1 intensive designed to get you out of your own way so you can create the beautiful profitable business of your dreams and run it with ease and fun!


Let me guess….


  • You hired a business coach already…  and you didn’t end up any further along in your sales goals than when you started.

  • You’ve read 50 books on “sales,” “confidence,” and “CEO mindset” and you still worry you’ll fail, that you’re not good enough at running your company, and that you suck at marketing, pitching, and selling.

  • You know you “should” be doing all the business-related things, but you self-sabotage and never stay consistent because you “don’t have time,” “can’t afford it,” “can’t figure it out”- or whatever else you tell yourself

  • You’ve been in business for a bit, but while you’re doing “all the things,” nothing seems to be “working.”



This program is what you ACTUALLY need to embody so that you can  implement all the OTHER courses, books, programs, and teachings you’ve been trying to use to make your business successful (but aren’t working). 


Once you learn my signature mindset strategies to get out of your own way, the ROI on ALL your other and future investments will improve dramatically.


Honey, now you know- the only thing in your way is YOU - So if you are ready to play BIG, keep reading 👇👇👇


We are going to fix the patterns, beliefs, and self-sabotaging thoughts that are stopping you from creating your 6-figure dream business. In 6 weeks, you will: 


  • Heal the worthiness wounds you’ve suffered from witnessing and repeating toxic behaviors such as sacrificing your dreams to focus on everyone else’s goals, feeling forced to do things out of familial obligation, and self-sabotage to stay small instead of standing out, that you learned in childhood so you can finally have complete confidence in your decisions, find yourself FULLY behind your pricing and the value of your programs/offers/products, and you begin to show up in a way that helps them to sell like clockwork.

  • Reframe and reprogram your thoughts currently allowing you to stay stuck in doubt that you and your business will not be successful and profitable. You’ll learn how to drop the old beliefs that you are not good enough to succeed, that you are going to fail, or that you’ll be publicly embarrassed if your business doesn’t work, and your fear that you’ll never be able to quit your full-time job or that you’ll have to go back to corporate if this business doesn’t start making REAL money.

  • Learn how to quickly move past prior “failures,” break persistent thoughts that haunt you from past attempts at making money that didn’t work out the way you had hoped, and learn to see possibilities in every experience you have so you can overcome the fear that’s holding you back from taking massive action in your business in ways that would lead to more money and success than you ever thought possible.

  • Learn the tools to beat down your “inner bitch,” bust through overwhelm, and accomplish daunting tasks with ease. You’ll learn how to stop wasting time feeling “blocked,” “stuck,” or uninspired (screw creative blocks and always have sales content flow easily from your brain to the page!), and learn how to show up consistently to create content that resonates with your audience so that you book-out your programs or sell your creations with ease and confidence.


Here’s what we’ll be covering: 


⭐ Week 1: Fix the main reason you haven’t been successful in your business, even with all the coaching, templates, and trainings that you’ve tried (hint- it’s NOT the teachings! It’s your beliefs, thoughts, and actions).


⭐ Week 2: Drop the fear of failure for GOOD so you stop holding yourself back from trusting in yourself, your business, and the money you deserve. You’ll kick the time-wasting crap to the curb and learn how to take massive, consistent, action towards your goals without fear that it will “all fall apart” (AKA – the key thing that’s stopping your business from being monetarily successful).


⭐ Week 3: Learn what it means to SHOW UP to market your business and build a brand, how to claim your power and stand out in the online space in a way that makes your business highly profitable, and learn how to OWN our strengths so that you re-wire your brain for abundance and see the proof in your bank account.


⭐ Week 4: Learn the strategy to ensure you don’t waste money in your business on overhead, coaches that won’t move your business forward, or programs that won’t help hit your next business goal. You’ll learn how to STOP- wasting money on “distractions,” banish creative blocks fast that cost you time AND money, and move into simplified action steps that translate into business profits (no more wondering what to do next to make a dollar today).


⭐ Week 5: Beat down those inner demons that tell you that you don’t deserve to make money with your skills, that your ideas aren’t worth selling, and that you will never build a profitable business, and gain the tools to fight any resistance towards commitment and consistency that stop you from shining your light in the world, building a business with purpose, and selling your offers while still having fun.


This is for you if:

  • You are ready to go ALL-IN to create the abundant, purpose-driven business of your dreams

  • You are ready to change what needs to be changed within yourself, your beliefs, and the comfortable environment you’ve allowed yourself to stay in so that you can let go of what’s getting in your way from your dream empire.


This is not for you if: 

  • You want to continue to resist messages about things you need to change or let go of

  • You enjoy whining or complaining about how she, he, or it “gets in your way” (money, time, fear, your corporate job, your partner, kids, friends, family....etc.)

  • You can’t hold yourself accountable for doing the inner work


What it looks like to work with me: 

5 course modules inside a private member area. These trainings teach you my exact step-by-step strategies to develop complete confidence in your own worth, the value of your creations, and your ability to consistently take the actions necessary to run a successful profitable business. The second you sign up for the program, you’ll be granted immediate, self-paced access to go through the trainings at your pace.

5 PDF action guides with journaling prompts and mindset activities that help you to uncover deeply-seated beliefs that we will shift during the program so that you can get out of your own way and build a profitable business faster.

One private 30-minute call each week for 6 weeks to discuss your specific resistances towards your business, fears that may pop up, and doubts that are holding you back from building your dream life and business, plus reframe and release these blocks together so that you move forward at lightning speed towards your goals.

BONUS: A guided visualization meditation that helps you to stay strong in your worth, confident in your ideas, and committed to doing the work in your business to make it successful.


Fast Action Bonus: 

Pay in full on/before May 1, 2021 and we will schedule an extra 30-minute bonus call prior to the program starting where we will discuss your business skills, goals, and needs and afterwards, I will send you one of my guided digital journals so you can work on the things that come up in the session. You’ll be more focused and prepared to massively quantum leap in your business goals, so you’ll want to join in now for access to this bonus so you can learn up front the gaps in your business holding you back from 6-figures.


Pricing: This program is a STEAL at normally $999, but until May 1, you can join at more than half off (only $444!) AND receive a bonus 1:1 business consulting call from a multi-6-figure entrepreneur’s perspective! 

YOUR Program- and empowerment- starts within 3 weeks of paying in full

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When the strategies aren’t working, when the sales aren’t coming in despite your best efforts, and when you feel frustrated because you’ve exhausted so many options already…. that’s when it’s time to look inside and uncover the REAL reasons your business is not turning into your dream empire

(I'll give you a not-so-subtle hint- it's not the strategy, it’s your mindset).