Rewrite your Story

Are you ready to get out of your own way, rewrite your BS stories around your abilities, ideas, and worth, reconnect with your true desires, and gain the confidence and clarity that translates to success, confidence, and achieving your dreams?

  • Realize your values, and your VALUE

  • Release negative beliefs

  • Relieve yourself from regrets

  • Reclaim your life

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How do I do this?

I try so hard to think good thoughts, I use affirmations and journal every day but I think maybe I'm not doing it right!


I'm not thriving

Every time I set a goal, it somehow just doesn't happen. Even when I plan, hustle, and try. Sometimes I feel like giving up, but then I feel that little spark inside...


I'm not giving up!

With the right tools and guidance, I can be, do and have ANYTHING I desire. I believe in myself, I just need to know what to do- and DO IT.


I help women get unstuck and transform self-sacrifice and obligation into passion, purpose, and drive

so they can reclaim their dreams and create the relationships, career, impact and lifestyle they really want.

Hi, I'm Kira

I was there. I had a great career, home, husband, and life (on the outside.) Inside I was dying, trapped in the horrible cycle of martyring myself for everyone else, living according to other's plans for me, believing a bunch of b.s., and forgetting everything I knew and wanted.

I achieved other people's dreams, and forgot my own.  I had the constant feeling that I was failing at life.

The whole time I was beating myself up and wondering

"What is WRONG with me?"

The answer was nothing but my crappy thoughts and attachment to my "story."

Then I found the way out, and so can you.

Professional Educator + Author

Certified Life Coach + Meditation Teacher + NLP Practitioner

Artist + Multiple 6 figure business owner


No one is coming to save you.

Learn to save yourself.

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