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Happiness is a Habit

Do you believe that you can CHOOSE to be happy?

How is it that people can have a $1,000 phone, a table, a computer, a car, money to buy ANY groceries and eat ANYTHING for lunch today, a working hot shower, clean water, a nice home, friends, family, a job... and be totally unhappy, while someone in a 3rd world country has none of those things, and is happy every day?

Happiness is a choice, and can become a habit. Happiness isn't a constant state of being, it is an emotional state that you can choose to feel. If you choose happiness over complaining, grumbling, envy, comparing yourself to others, and other negative emotions, you can cultivate that habit.

Getting into the habit of being happy is easy. The first step is learning to appreciate your blessings. Become more aware of your five senses. How else could the smell of freshly baked cookies cheer up your woefully dreary day? How else could the faint sound of your sleeping child's breathing ease you into your own peaceful resting state? We need to use our senses to become more aware of our surroundings, and appreciate them. It's then that we can change our surroundings to become more pleasing to us.

This could include some small, but significant changes, like placing candles by the bathtub, or buying a special lamp for your reading area. Color plays a role in happiness too! Green and yellow are known to effect your mind and create more feelings of happiness. That is why a quick walk outside on a sunny day to see some green grass and bright sunlight can make you feel better. Awareness is one of the keys to happiness. After you have become aware of yourself and surroundings, you can choose to be appreciative and happy.

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