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3 Ways to be Happier- right now

1. Look for the positive in EVERY. SINGLE. THING.

Everything that happens is here to show or teach you something. Nothing is "bad" or "good," only your specific reaction to it labels it as bad or good. That's why two people can have the same thing happen and one thinks it's great, the other thinks it's the worst thing ever.

If you can start to LOOK for what is positive, what you are learning, what the deeper meaning is for you, then anything that happens can serve you in some way.

2. Celebrate the positive!

A lot of things we learn in life come from what's called negative reinforcement. From a young age we are taught what we must not do instead of what we may do. For example, when you are a kid in school you heard "Don't run." "Don't talk." "Sit still." Even in day-to-day life, there can be more negative influence than positive (especially if you watch the news!!!) Luckily you can work to improve the balance. Celebrate the positive and look for more of it. When you achieve something, congratulate yourself! Look for things you find uplifting, that make you happy. Get more of that! At the same time, reduce your exposure to negative input, whether it is the daily news, or people you don't feel good around. You know your buttons, so make sure the positive ones are pushed more than the negative.

3. Give Of Yourself

The more you give, the more you receive. Unconditional giving is hugely rewarding. It seems that the more of yourself you give, the greater the thrill and uplifting effect on your mind. Help the needy. Give time if you can. Give anonymously, even if you lose the tax deduction! Find some small way to help someone smile or finish a task.

When you give freely, you send a message to the universe that you understand that giving is sometimes needed, and you open yourself up to receiving help when it's YOUR turn.

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