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3 ways to start loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Yes, you deserve ALL the love.

You deserve it because you are HERE.

You do not have to earn it.

You do not have to prove yourself to anyone, or any thing.

Self love is really self acceptance. Once you can think about yourself in a positive light, and say to yourself... Yes, I have thick thighs, that's me. Yes, things happened to me I had no control over and I always did the best I could with the knowledge and skills I had at the time. Yes, I know myself and I like that woman. Then you are in a place where you can express self love, easily and freely.

And when you love yourself, you expand. Your love begins to flow outward and then the world (God, the Universe, Source, Energy, or The Force, as I like to say because I am a Jedi...) that supreme entity can LOVE YOU BACK. Love is energy, and energy wants to flow. Energy can neither be created or destroyed, it is in constant motion, giving of itself and receiving replenishment. Put yourself in the flow.

1. See yourself, all your parts and pieces, in a positive way. YOU are unique, all your parts create a unique whole that is lovable just the way you are.

2. Accept everything about you! That doesn't mean you have to stay this way, but accepting what currently IS is part of healing and growing.

3. Sit in quiet for a moment, and feel the energy of love all around you. Allow it to flow into you, then back out of you. Love is energy, like everything else :)

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