Moon Journaling + Day Planning for less hustle, more FLOW

When courses feel like too much "work," self-help books feel too "lonely," and planners fee too "heavy..." Love + Muse is not a planner, it's a guide for creating your best life and experiencing Radical Gratitude, your secret weapon for manifesting your desires as they change and evolve.

What you think on grows- focus on gratitude, self-care, wonder, beauty, manifesting your desires, and the rhythm and cycles of nature. Less pressure, more pleasure, beauty, and grace.  Work with Luna within the nature of pure love and see how wonderful your life can become in just 29 days.


Styled beautifully each new moon with a different theme focused on the Full Moon's name. A joy to write in, featuring thick matte paper and full color designs. Inspired by the psychology of gratitude and the benefits of writing with your hands (rather than typing with a device), each is new and fresh with a splash of surprise and fun. A safe place to explore your love, your vulnerability, your deepest feelings, and manifest your true desires into your physical life. If you are not familiar with the term "manifest, or manifestation" this is a spiritual set of methods related to the Law of Attraction for goal achievement including intention setting, mindfulness, meditation, prayer, writing, and affirmations.


You are never alone- we've created a private community for all to join in discussions revolving around our favorite books, gratitude, mindfulness, manifestation, affirmations and affORmations, and cycle with the moon together with full and new moon rituals in Live Video meetups.


Journal Club Membership- Included!

Join with members around the world as we share our vulnerabilities and triumphs, rituals, knowledge, art, writings, and even discuss our favorite books in the Conscious Collective Book Club!

Guided New Moon and Full Moon Rituals every month feauturing live video from the beach or in the forest, weather permitting.

New Audio Meditations monthly surrounding the cycles of life and based on the needs of the collective.

Join together from everywhere as we Love, Heal, Grow, and Gather.

Paper Journal, start fresh each new moon.

Artfully styled with places to write your intentions, vision, goals, dreams, reflections, and includes prompts throughout the month following the cycles of the moon for manifesting what you desire, and letting go of what no longer serves you. Thick matte paper, saddle-stiched binding so you can fold it open or in half, lay it flat, and collect them together easily. 9x6 size to fit with your day planner or binder.

Includes tracker for habits, moods, and desires - start fresh at each new moon. This is not a "monthly planner," we cycle with the moon, since our moon cycle is 29.5 days, while calendar months are 30/31.

Please note:

PRINT purchases will start receiving the NEXT new moon's print journal, so we can print and ship it to you in time for the new moon. Your membership will get started with the current moon's digital journal.

Digital Journal.

Artfully styled every new moon, the same document as the paper journal- but digitally for those who prefer the format.

Use with your journal apps, or print out the PDF to use in a binder or grimoire as you see fit.

Membership to the Conscious Collective is included with a monthly plan, or go it alone with our digital journal/PDF version for 2020.