Guided Journals for Less Hustle, More Flow

When courses feel like too much "work," self-help books feel too "lonely," and planners fee too "heavy..." these aren't planners, they are guides for creating your best life. What you think on grows- focus on gratitude, self-care, wonder, beauty, manifesting your desires, and the rhythm and cycles of nature. Less pressure, more pleasure, beauty, and grace. Inspired by the psychology of gratitude and the benefits of writing with your hands (rather than typing with a device), each is new and fresh with a splash of surprise and fun. A safe place to explore your love, your vulnerability, your deepest feelings, and manifest your true desires into your physical life. If you are not familiar with the term "manifest, or manifestation" this is a spiritual set of methods related to the Law of Attraction for goal achievement including intention setting, mindfulness, meditation, prayer, writing, and affirmations.

Our Goal journal will help you get clear on your short and long term goals, the actions you can take to achieve them, and they ask you the hard questions in an effort to help you elevate beyond the obstacles in your path.

Our Gratitude Journal features a beautiful place to experience the joy of loving what you currently have, so you can be given more. Experience Radical Gratitude, your secret weapon for manifesting your desires as they change and evolve.


Our monthly Moon journal is styled beautifully each new moon with a different theme focused on the Full Moon of the month. Dates of 8 moon phases are included, with prompts centered on the different focus during each cycle. A joy to write in, featuring full color designs.

Or choose an undated moon journal, which you can restart each month- just fill in the dates of the moon phases yourself.

All our journals are guided with prompts, and are meant to bring you on a journey towards self-discovery and achievement. We have a goal too- to eventually be able to bring our journals into the physical realm so you can write on real paper. Printing books is a journey, we hope you'll come along for the ride.

If you'd like more guidance, including livestreams on the topic of mindset and creating your life from the inside out, join our Facebook group!

Choose your Journal

All journals are digital download PDFs. Upon purchase, you can choose the "standard size" which fits your device screen and apps such as GoodNotes.

OR, choose to download a print resolution file you can print yourself.

*Coming Soon: Printed journals!

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