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No more boring jewelry! My items are handmade and designed by yours truly  👐

I enjoy tribal and boho style, moon and raven inspirations... and color!

Quality should never be a compromise. I design everything I create to be comfortable and durable as well as attractive. My main media is clay- polymer and other types of clay are shaped, colored, sealed, and imagined into earrings, necklace pendants, and bracelet beads. I also enjoy using clay and paint to decorate various household items, and I draw and create designs for lifestyle products as well!

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I enjoy sharing what's up in my creative life, my current offerings, mindset trainings, and my very active mind! We'll be discussing what it means to be a "giver," how to do it without obligation, self-sacrifice, and other yucky feelings, and how giving actually makes you open to receiving. As a recovered over-giver myself, I absolutely LOVE to help others understand how easy it can be to give and receive from a beautiful aligned and heartfelt place. I'm sure to also talk about my various passions and share them with you!

Nothing is better than having a collective gathering along for the ride.

I'm a Multiple 6-figure Empire Builder, and CreateAlong.com is the fabulous arts + crafts business I brought into the world with my business partner Ilysa. We've been working together for 15 years, creating content including over 500 YouTube videos, 7 years of Polymer Clay Adventure, a monthly subscription box, a gorgeous glossy polymer clay and mixed media monthly magazine, and art supplies that are enjoyed all over the world. This company supports a team of 10 people and I am so proud to lead it!

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