First, let's talk about you....

You're a woman of the world- you work hard. But so much feels like hustle. Like G-R-I-N-D. You are on the edge of burnout. If one more person needs something from you today, you'll probably snap. But you hold it together- that's what's expected.

Everyone else in your life is benefiting from YOUR hard work to take care of them and their goals and dreams... but yours somehow get left behind. Most of the time you can't even remember what it was you wanted in the first place. And if you do have a glimpse... it gets drowned out by the noise from everyone, they always seem to want a piece of you.

You feel like you've lost something along the way. Or maybe you really have lost something real... a special person, a job you loved, your health. Perhaps your sense of loss goes deeper and is more in your head... you've lost your zest for things you used to be passionate about, your self confidence, your sense of self, your boundaries.

You feel like something major is holding you back, but what exactly is it? You have a hard time pinning that down. Even if you think you know what it is, you don't have a plan to get past it.

What if you just don't have the right tools?

I help women drop their BS, self-sacrificing, and obligation-driven burnout so they can  remember who they ARE, and leverage their unique gifts and talents to create an abundant purpose-driven life.
What does that mean in plain-ass english? Work with me and we will cut the b-s out of your life so you can make decisions with ease and confidence, establish and communicate beautiful boundaries, be a giver (and receiver) in a way that feels great, play in your passions, and live in your purpose. Wouldn't you like things to be EASY? The only reason they aren't... is in your mind.

So who am I? My name is Kira and I'm a badass entrepreneur and artist with a multiple 6 figure business designing craft supplies, publishing how-to books and magazines, and creating video content since 2007.


This level of success didn't just happen. I had so much to learn. First, I got my "practical" BS in Art Education under the guidance of my family and teachers, just as so many of my relatives had including my parents, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles. So I had a short lived career as an art teacher because that practical teaching career didn't apply to art teachers who are often the first one fired in budget decisions. Since there is usually only one art teacher per school... it took a LONG time to get that job and I suffered through about 15 different odd jobs just to pay the bills before I landed a job with a school district. I lost my way early, when the first job I was hired for straight out of college was pulled out from under me before I could even start the school year (funding issues!) . Of course then there was the aftermath... it was super awesome getting laid off every single July for 5 years straight.


I minored in Art Therapy. I've always been a helping soul- and now I can help the world in a bigger way than I ever could have in my art classroom. I enjoyed my time teaching high school, but the time to follow my passions and calling to be a healer has come. I am always studying and improving my skills, and have professional Life Coach certifications you can see and verify below (click to see accreditation). Coaching is an unregulated field right now, anyone can call themselves a coach... but I feel more comfortable having studied about the topics I help people with in a professional setting :)

One of my hobbies is jewelry making. I love to create using my own beads sculpted from polymer clay, glass and healing crystals, sparkly things and chain.  This passion led me to my CreateAlong.com business partner, Ilysa, one day in the Etsy forums. We created Polymer Clay Podcast in 2007 and then MANY other offerings for the clay community. I design art supplies, help to manage a community and online classroom, manage and support a beautiful team, I hold in leadership role in a local business women's group, and I'm committed to continue on my entrepreneurial journey to fulfilling ALL of my passions in life.

My family of origin was not a pony-ride. I experienced abandonment, neglect, and abuse, went to Catholic school, and grew up codependent. I lost two mothers by the age of 19, along with my sense of self as a young woman. I followed that path to marry an emotionally abusive man and suffer through way too many years of an unaligned relationship. I decided to develop a commitment to self-growth and self-discovery, and with the help of therapy and coaches I was able to rise above those circumstances and build a beautiful new life with a kind, supportive, loving partner. Can my journey be an example for you? If you are in a life that is not serving you, there is a way out and through... to freedom and more love than you might be able to imagine now.

My SUPERPOWER is the reframe- You can Reframe it too, Babe! The secret I have discovered through all the trials and challenges of my life is that everything that bothers me is a thought. Every. Single. Thing. And when I sit with my thoughts, dig into my beliefs, and remember who I am- I can reclaim my power over those thoughts. Gratitude is a power-player in this process, so I've become OBSESSED with gratitude in a radical way.

I went from depressed and anxious to excited and thriving... and I know you can too!!!


I don't like suffering, frustration with my situation or other people, or compromising my dreams away. That's why I created Reframeology. This is how I can help you get your mind and your dreams under your own control so you can heal, grow, create, and celebrate a joyful life.


Why "Reframeology?"

  • I'm a bibliophile and I LOVE the play on words. Reframing is my Superpower. Tell me any thought that hurts you, and I can help you "reframe it" in a way that feels better, that helps you learn and grow, rather than holding you down and back from being your true self.

  • "Ology-" is a subject of study. I've worked on my ability to reframe for years now, from a scientific and spiritual point of view. Let's just have some fun. I've turned Reframing into a method that you can use over and over, so I've coined my own term for what I do :)

I LOVE what I do, and I hope that by sharing it with you, I can be your Muse and Guide to a life that is more beautiful, more in-touch with the true desires of your body, soul and mind.

Gratitude = Loving what you have right now. It's that basic. If you learn to deeply, truly, love what is, love and accept what you have to work with right now in this moment, the Universe listens and gives you more. Gratitude is a path to manifesting everything you desire. There are multiple studies on how gratitude journaling leads to better mental and physical health. Because I am an artist and I love publishing and creating my own perfect tools, I created a line of journals for my own practice that I share with the world too.

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